Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Spark

Someone once said, ~If its not the passionate, I-can't-stop-thinking-about-you kind of love, what's the point? Too many things in life are just mundane and blasé; love shouldn't be.~ If you think about it, matters of the heart can most definitely grow mundane and blasé, especially with people not being able to all intensive purposes think outside the box when it involves a potential and/or significant relationship. For its certainly an unflattering and oftentimes annoying situation indeed to experience what's been repeatedly done, as well as said in order to establish a connection, which countless women can thoroughly attest to personally. In any case, what may possibly be needed in this particular case are doses of corniness and tremendous amounts of cliché.

Without a doubt, being corny and cliché are truly synonymous with each other, but its considered a rarity these days because of the proverbial heard/seen/done it all mentality. In other words, have a sense of originality instead of being a copy cat. Thinking about it further, it's quite possibly why scores of women share a lack of enthusiasm for the supposed acts of love being shown by guys that don't live up to their standards. I would also go as far as to say they'd actually take cliché and corny, in a good way of course, over arrogant disrespect any day. Essentially, the days of guys embodying a classy Cary Grant-gentlemen-sweeping-women-off-their-feet-with-refinement-and-sophistication persona have fallen by the wayside. Unfortunately, total refinement and sensible sophistication has sadly been replaced by completely stupid and utterly idiotic.

As said before, what may possibly be needed in this particular case are doses or corniness and tremendous amounts of cliché. True, women have seen and heard it all to the point where they truly believe all men are incapable of bring out their sensitive, sweet, passionate, and romantic side. Trust me ladies, most men are capable and it merely takes the right woman to bring it out of him so much so they'll set aside the fear of acting foolish along with causing embarrassment to themselves to profess their love for you. Let me tell you something, whether its being out in public inevitably getting everybody's attention to share how much he loves his forever best friend, dressing in a ridiculous costume for a special occasion, or setting up an elaborate/planned proposal being spoken from the heart he'll make it his mission for it to hopefully be positively memorable.

Let me ask you this question to all the single ladies out there in the dating scene, what is the one thing never want to go away when you finally do experience true happiness? The answer is excitement. Granted, it's what all women not only dream of but feel that they are truly deserving of among other things. You see, without it the relationship itself can get relatively boring/stale to where the once strong bond gradually deteriorates causing personal, mental, spiritual, emotional, and not to mention physical distance. What it primarily comes down to is having a guy who can inject unpredictability into the relationship such as being taken out on a picnic in the park while on lunch break, being serenaded in song knowing full well he can't sing, taken away on a spontaneous getaway, etc.

In retrospect, love/true is absolutely worth having when the feeling of school age excitement and the butterflies down in your stomach never waver. However, its a sad state of affairs knowing there are guys/girls who just don't care/interested in making the relationship thrilling, exciting, and absolutely unpredictable. It's those types of relationships where the inward flames of passion have grown considerably cold even though the outward affection can be clearly witnessed. Yet, you can't help but smile for good reason as you look forward to someday meeting someone who'll invade your mind causing you to be so crazy insane that it lights you up in every sense of the word. In the end, to those who are significant relationship I say to you I hope the spark of true happiness never dies out between one another and doesn't need to be ever jump started.

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