Friday, November 15, 2013

Into The Sun

Someone once said, ~When love beckons, follow, though its ways are hard and steep. And when its wings unfold you yield, though the sword hidden among its pinions wounds your heart.~ In some aspect, love is like the Greek mythological story we've all either heard of or read about Icarus. Essentially, it's about the son of a master craftsmen Deadalus who attempts to escape from Crete for helping Theseus kill the Minotaur using wings made of feathers and wax fashioned by his father. Unfortunately, he flew too close to the sun ending up falling to the sea and drowning. Thinking about it, Icarus' story is similar to a person attempting to escape the loneliness of being single, which can sometimes lead to one's metaphorical death regarding his/her heart.

If you think about it, for those living the single life such as myself we yearn to or at times desperately want to escape utter loneliness that keeps us in all intense and purposes grounded from being able to soar towards the bright shining sun of true happiness. For its certainly a tough and frustrating situation indeed finding yourself looking up and witnessing couples soaring to new heights, so to speak, in truly blissful, worthwhile relationships. What it primarily comes down to is a matter of having utmost patience because the lack of it will run the risk of flying too high in a potential relationship to where you'll possibly get burned causing a hard and steep downward, spiraling decent into heartbreak

As said before, Icarus' wings were made of feathers and wax by his father in order to help him escape from Crete. You see, just like the feathers and wax that initially helped Icarus momentarily escape there are a number of materials, in a manner of speaking, that help a relationship strongly bond together to not ever fall apart. Trust faith, hope, respect, intimacy, honesty, understanding, contentment, commitment, etc. are a representation of the wax with the wings representing the relationship itself. In any case, it's a sad state of affairs when specific parts of the wax holding the relationship together start to melt away due to problematic issues that aren't thoroughly discussed or worked on leading to difficulties in being able to, in a sense, stay airborne.

Let me ask you this question to those living the single life and are in the dating scene, how badly do you want to escape your own version of Crete? True, to escape suffering the mental and emotional pain/torture of wanting to personally experience the neverending flight of euphoria, as well as the constant thrill of excitement to the point where the smile doesn't fade away from your lips is a dream come true. However, one has to be considerably careful and not to mention cautious concerning guys/girls who even though comfortably envelop you with their wings be weary of what may be hidden underneath. In other words, don't fall in love too fast or your heart may very well end up drowning in the sea of your own emotions.

In retrospect, the story of Icarus ends with his father not only burying his son on an island that would be called Icara, but the waters that he fell in to his death be named the Icarian Sea. Of course, unlike Icarus' father each of us quintessentially bury our thoughts, feelings, and emotions involving past heartbreak in hopes to never honor or think about them again. Ultimately, we all want to meet someone who'll give us new thoughts, feelings, and emotions we won't forget so much as it feels as if we're flying without wings. In the end, I say to those that when love/true love finally comes for you it will feel like you two are flying into the sun knowing full well the heat won't ever melt away the wax holding both your wings together.

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