Monday, August 19, 2013

Killer Instincts

Someone once said, ~Always believe in you. Listen to you heart. Trust your instincts. Know you can see your own strength. Dream it. Dare it. Do what you are afraid of. Keep the faith. Keep the faith. Follow your vision and remember anything is possible if you only believe.~ If you think about it, there can most definitely be at time a tough situation indeed to go with and trust your instincts, especially when it pertains to matters of the heart. Hey, any person can easily be fooled by the actions and/or words of a supposed loved one to the point where one suffers an utterly painful heartbreak. However, if a guy/girl truly believes their instincts are absolutely genuine concerning the possibility of a bright future one should take a leap of faith; but at the same time always stay mentally, as well as, emotionally alert.

Without a doubt, you certainly have to attain a level head in regards to the instincts involving the one thing that can not only cause to become weak in ever sense of the word, but leads you to question the belief you have in yourself as well: love/true love. In any case, being thoroughly self aware and not to mention having a keen eye/ear of any warning signs help thwart the possibility of potential heartbreak. True, there are a number of individuals whose instincts have been perfectly spot on and are experiencing a worry/stress free long lasting, worthwhile significant relationship. Essentially, the reason why is they've been able to instinctively ascertain the guy/girl who strengthens him/her personally, mentally, physically, and emotionally. For it's considered to be a difficult task to undertake for those living the single life and yet a luck few are enjoying loving success instead of metaphorically kicking themselves in the heart.

As said before, attaining a level head involving your own instincts regarding something so powerful that it can not only lead you to become weak in ever sense of the word, but leads you to question the belief in yourself. Unfortunately, some people's instincts are either faulty to where it leads to self sabotage or not completely listening to it knowing full well they're setting themselves up for an incredibly heartbreaking fall. Granted, all the warning signs can plainly be seen with their own two eyes and they end up ignoring because he/she doesn't act by verbally questioning what's clearly wrong whereby putting their own personal happiness in jeopardy. You see, the painful impact of sadness, anger, bitterness, frustration, etc. will hurt far worse if not handled immediately rather than letting it continue knowing that in the back of your mind you're much more deserving of someone special to where it leaves. a real smile on your face inside of a fake one.

Let me ask you this question to those who are in significant relationships, what were your initial instincts when it involves meeting your best friend for life for the first time? Oftentimes, first impressions are key and your instincts are tremendously heightened taking into account everything from topics of discussion shared to the way the person is acting. Women, more so than guys, rely on their intuitive instincts to evaluate whether a not a guy is potentially worth their time so much so they assess within seconds if they're absolutely interested. Of course, their instincts can steer them wrong, in a manner of speaking, as the so called Mr. Right is in fact Mr. Wrong, which can also apply for guys as well. What it primarily comes down to is honing in on and being keenly aware of the most valuable aspect you have that tends to go on the fritz from time to time...common sense.

Honore de Blazac said, ~Love has it's own instincts in finding the way to the heart; as the feeblest insect the way to its flower with a will which nothing can dismay nor turn aside.~ In retrospect, trusting your instincts is one big part of the equation, so to speak, in the proverbial enigma that is relationships. Faith, honesty, integrity, understanding, commitment, communication, hope, etc. along with trust help in establishing whether the gut feeling about that guy/girl is either correct or totally wrong. Ultimately, listen to the little voice in your head and your heart because 99.9% of the time it's right. However, it doesn't hurt to seek council by praying to God and talking with gal pals/best buds who always have your back. In the end, love is a very powerful force that can turn you topsy turvy in a negative or positive way, but if you have some killer instincts working for instead of against you then my friend you'll be able to mentally maneuver the right path to true happiness.

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