Friday, July 12, 2013

Beam Me Up

Marcel Proust once said, ~The real voyage of discovery consists in seeking not new landscapes, but in having new eyes.~ In some aspect, love or true love for that matter is like going on a voyage boldly going where every person now in a significant relationship has gone before and for those living the single life such as myself want to find ourselves at. Of course, one may not necessarily be traveling the vast reaches of the final frontier of outer space in a starship vessel known as the U.S.S. Enterprise; but each of us are in all intensive purposes at the helm of our own heart navigating ourselves through the seemingly vast final frontier of one day finally experiencing absolute true happiness. For it can most definitely be a tough and frustrating situation indeed exploring/seeking out what others have easily discovered for themselves.

Without a doubt, every Star Trek aficionado knows about/heard the spoken intro to the tv series always stating a 5 year mission to explore strange new worlds, seeking out new life/civilizations, and not to mention boldly going where no man has gone before. Thinking about it further, it truly feels more than just a 5 year mission in regards to being a single guy/woman exploring the oftentimes strange world of the dating scene. A world where you want to seek out or even better be seeked out by that one special life form out there who makes matters of the heart absolutely logical to you rather than illogical. Hey, as easy as it sounds the reality of it all is the dating scene is brutally scary filled with alien type creatures much scarier than the Gorn.

If you think about it, utter heartbreak and Star Trek II are synonymous with each other as it pertains to dealing with ones inner emotions expressed outwardly. What do I mean? I think it’s safe to say the aftermath of breakup leads on to deal with so many painful thoughts, feelings, and emotions swirling around not only in your head, but heart as well. Essentially, it can be all rolled into one big volatile mixture of anger and depending on how great a scale you’ve been personally, mentally, and emotionally affected; you end up just wanting to scream out his/her name like Kirk did screaming out the name of Khan. True, it may not solve anything scream their name so loud it possibly echoes out into space but at least you’re able to hopefully relieve some much needed aggression out of your system.

Let me ask you this question to you ladies who are in worthwhile significant relationship, do you or are you able to see some, most, or all the Star Trek characters in your forever best friend? You see, if you really take close observation you'll may notice hints the cunning, confident leadership of James T. Kirk mixed in with Jean Luc Picard. A combination of Spock and Lt. Commander Data where there the lack of emotion tends be replaced with illogical reasoning and facts concerning pop culture/video game references relevant to him. The security and protectiveness of Worf with the fun, loving mentality of Q. The loyalty and passion of Dr. McCoy along with a possibly dose of Sulu's sophisticated culture and the intellectual prowess of Jordi LaForge. The naivety of Chekov, Scotty's ability to handle solutions in fixing problems, and lastly the patient wisdom of Commander Riker are what quite possibly any wants to see in their husband.

Alexander Smith said, ~Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.~ In retrospect, being able to discover the meaning of love is considered to be THE best feeling one can ever experience for themselves. What it primarily comes down to is opening your eyes and being able to see in every sense of the word who is there for you and it doesn't take Jordi's visor to filter out who is genuinely real concerning their intentions. Granted, we all don't want to become wearing the metaphorical red shirt and unfortunately become the poster child for failed/dead relationships. In the end, to my fellow single peeps I say to you each one of us will or may one day make that epic discovery of the heart to where you smile from ear to ear, look up to the heavens, and say beam me up.

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