Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Words Of Love

Someone once said, ~The game of scrabble is a lot like love. You spend time thinking and trying to make sense of the pieces in front of you. It's hard and easy. Arguments happen. Sometimes you get so frustrated you want to flip the board. When it's all said and done you hope the words you've been given spelled out a win.~ If you think about it, the game of scrabble and love are synonymous with each other as there are certain aspects that have innate similarities. You see, it can most definitely be a tough situation indeed finding/searching for the right individual tiles jumbled up within your own heart to metaphorically place on the so called scrabble board of someone else's heart. Essentially, its the challenge of being able to form the words you want to express and score points, so to speak, in your favor.

Let me ask you this question to those who play scrabble, do you always get the letters you want in order to easily spell out the word. The answer is no and in some aspect it can be considerably difficult to find/search for the potential words you want to express whereas for others it seems as if it comes naturally. Of course, one just has to work that much harder to make a good impression without sounding completely stupid or making any kind of sense whatsoever as well. Unfortunately, it happens and if you're truly, as well as, genuinely interested in that particular guy/girl you're brain shuts down causing you to become considerably tongue tied. For the most part, you work with what you got by being yourself and hope your words aren't questioned/challenged.

Without a doubt, part of what makes playing scrabble so competitive is having the words being spelled out challenged by the people your playing with. As said before, the game itself can lead to arguments and in a sense, it's that way when it pertains to matters of the heart too. Oftentimes, one questions/challenges not only the words, but the actions of a guy/girl whose potentially interested in him/her leading you to put your guard up. True, he/she may have the truest intentions in mind and yet your past history tells a different story as the scrabble board representing your heart has spelled out the following words: bitterness, betrayal, anger, hate, frustration, confusion, heartbreak, etc. Hey, it those particular words you don't have to look up in a dictionary because it comes from personal experience.

For the question can be asked, have you ever gotten to the point where you ended up flipping the board because were you getting frustrated? Thinking about it further, an individual can become absolutely frustrated concerning the dating scene or relationships in general it leads them to flip their heart, in a manner of speaking, causing all tiles to fly off the quintessential board of the human heart. In any case, it's the pieces representing faith, trust, hope, patience, joy, understanding, etc. end up in all intensive purposes scattered about leaving you to lose much more than points...your sanity. Let me tell you something, we've all gone through it and you just have to pray to God for continued strength all-the-while reading the scrabble words of His wisdom found within The Bible.

In retrospect, every person wants to play the scramble game known as love/true love. However, instead of playing against it's playing with someone putting together deep meaningful words to one another such as sanctification, contentment, commitment, loyalty, family, forever, and/or best friend for life. Ultimately, it those previous words mentioned and many others that are considered to be triple word scores of true happiness. What it primarily takes is a positive team effort and being keenly aware of the words being placed from heart to heart not only verbally, but non-verbally also. In the end, to those who are in significant relationships I say to you I hope for continued success in finding the letters that form the words of love you both express every day even into the latter days of life.

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