Thursday, May 09, 2013

A Soft Touch

Someone once said, ~Love is like a sunburn. You can feel it coming but you let it happen anyway, even though in the end, you know it hurts.~ If you think about it, getting a sunburn is considerably similar to matters of the heart. How so? Essentially, both are most definitely considered to be a delicate and not to mention painful situation indeed to handle so much so nobody wants to end up getting burned literally, as well as figuratively. Unfortunately, it doesn't necessarily work out that way as countless individuals have experienced/are now experiencing the sunburn known all too well as either utter heartbreak or true happiness. For its certainly a painfully stinging situation indeed lasting for quite some time to the point where one hopes for or finally received some sweet, soothing relief.

As I said before, love and a sunburn are considerably similar in the sense that both are a delicate and painful situation to handle so much so nobody wants to end up getting burned literally, as well as figuratively. In other words, both hurt but not if they're correctly handled in a way to where it leaves you with a lasting positive smile instead of an unwanted negative wince on your face. What it primarily comes down to is being in a relationship with a guy/girl who is able to "apply" the right amount of sunscreen protection, so to speak, in order to protect one's heart. Trust. patience, understanding, honesty, faith, love, honor, respect, understanding, contentment, intimacy. commitment, etc. are a representation of what any person wants to in all intensive purposes be applied to their own heart by someone special.

Without a doubt, the one thing every person tries to avoid when having a sunburn is being touched because of how sensitive particular areas of one's body is. In some aspect, when a person find themselves feeling heartbroken he/she can truly be personally, mentally, and emotionally sensitive to where it's absolutely painful if a specific memory touches their heart/mind. I think it's safe to say there are many of you out there who are quite possibly experiencing this right now as the memories of a past love are slapping/hitting your heart to no end causing you to wince immensely. You see, those memories are viewed as an irritating nuisance and you want nothing more than the tortuous inner turmoil you're going through to peel away, in a manner of speaking, like one's own skin once it begins peeling.

Let me ask you this question concerning getting a sunburn, how many absolutely enjoy peeling away the dead, burnt skin away from particular areas of your body that were exposed to the sun after a period of time has passed? Of course, the dead skin that you're inevitably peeling away represents the anger, hatred, bitterness, frustration, confusion, grief, heartache, self doubt, etc. Thinking about it further, it hopefully allows your heart to gradually return to the softness of what it was before it in all intensive purposes got beaten down by the harsh toxic rays of a relationship that badly burned you. True, the feeling after peeling away every negative aspect of one's past relationship is tremendously refreshing giving you the opportunity to soak up the rays of love/love from a guy/girl you are most deserving of.

In retrospect, you have to be careful in love because it exposes you mentally, personally, and emotionally within your heart. Granted, you don't want to become so badly burned you end up focusing more on the pain rather than wanting to experience the ultimate satisfaction of finally being happy. Sadly, there are men and women who are refusing to let go of the pain and continuing to hold on to the skin that's been peeled away instead of throwing it away. Ultimately, I tip my hat to those who are taking every opportunity with their fresh new skin to put themselves out there knowing full well they're somewhat afraid, which is understandable. In the end, for those living the single life such as myself you hope to meet someone who quintessentially gives you a nice, even tan all over your heart; if mistakes in the relationship occur that could possibly burn it he/she completely surprises you by simply handling it with a soft touch.

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