Thursday, February 21, 2013

True Love's Soul

Tupac Shakur once said, ~Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. Never surrender.~ In some aspect, when true love dies in a person's heart, the soul within is carried off to the great beyond somewhat similar to the movie The Crow starring the late Brandon Lee. In any case, one can experience a truly tremendous utter heartbreak to the point where the individual's soul suffers absolute restlessness so much so its unable to properly rest. For it's a tortuous situation indeed for any guy/girl who has gone or is going through a terrible sadness whereby the crow representing one's thoughts, feelings, and emotions can most definitely be considered not only a weakness, but a strength as well.

If you think about it, even though you're alive you feel this sense of a numbing type of death after suffering a break up of a long standing relationship. In other words, the physical pain may not be felt but when it involves feeling any sort of pain emotionally, as well as mentally it certainly has the propensity to bring you down to your knees hence the weakness as previously mentioned. Thinking about it further, it's at that point the tortured soul with a broken heart tries to find their way back in order to smile once again. Unfortunately, the journey back is quite difficult before it gets much easier. What it primarily comes down to is having the inner strength to face and take care of one's own personal issues like Eric Draven did with Tin Tin, Funboy, Skank, and T-Bird.

Without a doubt, you're never really alone in your "fight" against personal issues within your own heart. You see, as Eric Draven had Sarah and Albrecht supporting him, you have the support of gal pals and best buds helping you cope by having your back every step of the way. Granted, they're not the unlikely duo of a tough, skate boarding young girl and a veteran cop; but it's your eclectic group of friends who do their best to help take the bullets, in a manner of speaking, for you when the mass emotional and/or mental hysteria/inner chaos ensue. Hey, to have that type of a strength in the bonds of friendship in the midst of dealing with unwanted pain and strife shows how much you're truly loved/cared about by not just the people you know, but those you may not know also.

Let me ask you this question to those who know and have watched the cult classic movie, how did Eric Draven defeat the main villain Top Dollar? If you answered grabbing him by the head and transferring the 30 hours of pain he felt concerning Shelly's death on to him inevitably causing his ultimate demise then you're correct. Of course, if every person had that particular real life ability they would with 100%c surety transfer all the pain, sadness, disappointment, bitterness, suffering, anger, hatred. etc. towards an ex. Let me tell you something, I know a number of people who would put that ability to good use and they wouldn't hold anything back giving him/her all they've endured in the past weeks, months, and/or years.

In retrospect, each one of us who are living the single life such as myself hope to one day spend the rest of our lives with our own Shelly whereas for the females its their own Eric Draven. In the meantime, we're all to a certain extent have a crow's heart where it's teetering between the land of the living and the realm the dead. Yet, for a lucky few they're fortunate enough to have met/fallen into an eternal true happiness that far surpasses life and death. Essentially, it's a rarity these days to have a forever love where there is no sign whatsoever of a crow appearing and carrying off the pieces of a broken relationship to the land of the dead. In the end, true love's soul can return to a person's heart and all it takes is meeting a guy/girl who can help prove to you it can come back from the dead.

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