Monday, February 25, 2013

That's A Stretch

Marilyn Mackenzi once said, ~Life is like a rubber band. Sometimes we're stretched to the limit and we break. Sometimes we fly hither and fro with no direction in mind, landing somewhere we never planned to be.~ If you think about it, life can oftentimes be like a rubber band as each one of us stretch ourselves in certain aspects of life. For it's most definitely a risky situation indeed to do so but one has to in order to step out of our proverbial comfort zone. Thinking about it further, you never know how far you'll be able to prove not only yourself, but others as well on how durable the rubber band of your own life is. True, there may be doubts and fear of it snapping apart causing you to experience, which is certainly to be expected in friendship, career, and matters of the heart.

Without a doubt, the sole purpose of a rubber band is to hold certain things tightly together in place. In some aspect, every person has a rubber band like tightness when it comes to establishing friendships. You see, the more friends you make the wider it expands but unlike the metaphorical rubber band wrapped around one's gal pals/best buds there is a limit in how much it can hold to the point where it snaps. It's at that point, you have to determine who is worth keeping in your tight knit inner circle and who is simply there taking up space. Essentially, you then make the decision to remove them from your life whereby making the tension on your own personal rubber band hopefully become stress or should I say absolutely drama free.

As I said before, it's most definitely a risky situation indeed to stretch yourself in certain aspects of life in order to step out of our proverbial comfort zone, especially pertaining to one's professional career. True, you can in all intensive purposes have things tightly wrapped in regards to their profession that he/she/you excels at. However, there may/will come a time when one chooses a totally different path to follow and you want to stretch yourself in every sense of the word knowing full well you'll feel an overwhelming sense of fear and doubt. Yet, as much as there is uncertainly of the unknown regarding one new career you take your time expanding your head knowledge of the business all the while slowly attaining the experience needed to climb the quintessential ladder of success.

Let me ask you this question to those who are in a potential and/or significant relationship, do you share a love that even though the relationship has been stretched far beyond what its capable of does it continue to hold strong? Unfortunately, it's a sad state of affairs when relationships snap apart before they are even given time to become wrapped tightly together mentally, personally physically, emotionally, and not to mention spiritually. Of course, when utter heartbreak occurs you truly feel the seemingly stinging harsh reality of it all snapping back at you leaving you to endure the lingering pain within your own heart. Let me tell you something, pain lingers but it will eventually go away to where you'll one day be tightly wrapped in true happiness' warm loving embrace.

In retrospect, we all have a definite purpose concerning the rubber band of life as we're individually holding our family together whereas others are possibly trying to keep a secure hold on they have. Hey, whatever the case may be one mustn't stretch themselves too hard or too fast because if you do then you'll run the risk of your sanity flying off somewhere. Ultimately, it's a rarity these days to still keep every aspect of your life together with the original one you have. In the end, if you actually started out with the original one then I say to you that's a stretch; but if you didn't then I tip my hat to you as every broken rubber band tells a story of where your started from and where you are now.

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