Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Inner Sanctum

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, ~To the poet, to the philosopher, to the saint, all things are friendly and sacred, all events profitable, all days holy, all men divine.~ Let me ask you this question, what do you personally consider sacred in your own life that you try not to taint what you have before you. Whether its tanglible or intangible you try at best to all intensive purposes hold with care that of which is sacred when it pertains to something important/special to you. For each one of us have a paricular person, place, or thing we have/ go to in order to find a sense of peaceful calm when the world around becomes considerably chaotic leaving you mentally, personally, as well as, emotionally discouraged within your mind, body, and soul.

Without a doubt, our own thoughts can be our own sacred fortress of solitude and though it can be difficult at times to keep it rated G or even PG-13 for that matter we try our best to mentally be strong. In order to not be weak minded one just has to focus on thoughts that essentially not only broaden your mind, but also help bring you to a better understanding of an oftentimes confusing life we lead. One aspect, of that tends to be confusing is love as it can be deemed an absolute challenge to try to figure out, which is in fact what love truly is...a challenge. When you're left contemplating the dynamic complexties of matters of the heart you slowly begin to realize its a work in progesss and nobody is ever going to get the answer right.

If you think about it, the friendships each of us enter into are most certainly sacred establishing bonds that are potentially long lasting. How many of you have friendships that have lasted 10 years or more where the plutonic, gal pal, bromance relationships have seen their fair share of turmoil and yet you end up finding that steady flow, which doesn't happen in an instant. I think we all can agree when you're hanging around your friends there is a certain atmosphere that feels innately safe and comfortable to where you completely let your hair down. so to speak. For its within your own circle of friends in which you can be yourself and not put up a front because they won't let you as they expect you to be real with them as you hope they are with you.

For the questions can be asked to those in a significant sacred relationship that is marriage, have you completely opened yourself to your other half to the point where you've let yourself be vulnerable. Its a scray feeling indeed and yet it feels like home to you. A home void of doubt, criticism, being taken for granted, and being judged that sometimes tends to be expected by those who have unfortnately experience this in past relationships. How many of you have been living comfortably in an uncomfortable way in your heart as you're scared to find/meet someone who is real and will truly love the real you? Its that kind of love that strengthens you and every person wants to enter into to where they never want to leave.

In retrospect, there are places we enter into that gives each of us the chance to explore in depth human thinking, friendships, relationships, and many other things in between. Thinking about it, there is vast richness at what can be learned to the point where you can profit from it, When I say profit, I don't mean being able to make a financial profit, but more along lines of making a profit mentally, personally, emotionally, and even spiirtually. What it come down to opening not only your mind, but openingly your heart as well. In the end, whether it's tanglible or intanglibe I hope you enter into a place that's of love...a place that you can call home or what I like to refer to as the inner sanctum.

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