Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Time

A woman said, ~He is the person I go to when I need to laugh, and he is always ready for me with something hilarious to say. He is the one I go to when I want to share my good day, and he asks all the right questions, knowing all the answers anyway. He is the one I can cry to and not scare away. He's by my side; he's in my mind, and he's here to stay.~ Without a doubt, any woman is truly lucky to meet a guy who is everything she ever wanted and more, which in all intensive purposes is the man of her dreams. For is this so called dream guy that exihibits three main qualities which are a sense of humor, intelligence, and caring sensitivity.

It has been said laughter is the best medicine when it comes to one of the many qualities that a woman looks for in a guy. Being able to tickle her proverbial funny bone is a characteristic that is considered attractive, but the type of humor presented determines either a look of loving happiness or a look of utter distgust. Its merely a matter of questionable taste as to what is just plain funny or just plain crude, which a woman truly takes note of with her eyes and ears. Like that first initial kiss, women know that if a guy genuinely makes her laugh then he's the one and if he is able to make you laugh to the point of changing your undergarments then he's most definitely a keeper.

For some, most, or all women they want a guy with intelligence and when I mean intelligence I mean is he able to put the toilet seat down every time after only being told once, but that's a whole other subject saved for a later yodaism. Anyways, when it comes to intelligence a woman wants a guy whose not dumb as a doornail and yet doesn't want a guy who is a pompous intellectual that supposedly knows everything. In other words, a guy who's intellect is somewhere in the middle and to a woman being able to have a meaningful stimulating conversation means so much because it gives her a chance to find out if he will be able to give her the answers that she has been searching for when it comes to love.

Caring sensivity is a character trait that is rare indeed these days for a woman to find in a guy, especially when life isn't going as planned to where tears are being shed. I'll be honest with you, guys don't necessarily know what to do when there is a woman crying in their presence because we have no idea the nature of the problem that caused the waterworks to start a flowin'. Yet, as a guy its our gentlemenly duty to give the proverbial shoulder to cry on, let her vent, and not say a single soliatary word to where she feels better. In a sense, it just doesn't take an open ear to show that a guy cares, it also takes an open heart to metaphorically catch those tears to show her that he's going to stay by your side and not run away.

This past Saturday, a woman who I have only known 4 days got married to a friend of mine for several years. Its this same friend that I got to experience traveling to and from Ohio near death experiences..twice, as well as, characteristics that really got under my skin, which I tended to look past being that I'm never around him on a daily basis. Yet, as I stood only a few feet back I could see she absolutely loved him no matter what with all her heart and soul. In the end, my time will someday come to be the guy who the woman in beginning quote described plus a whole lot more and a song that tends to reflect this thought is Someday by Vince Gill.

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