Saturday, August 11, 2018

My Own Thing

Someone once said, ~The happiest couples never have the same character. They just have the best understanding of their differences.~ Without a doubt, one of the things that makes a strong, worthwhile relationship work between two people is their independence in regards to allowing each other to pursue their own personal interests. For its a truly interesting and though provoking situation indeed concerning 2 completely different individuals who are able to have a deep understanding when it comes to embracing one another's independent side. What it primarily comes down to is having a partner who knows certain or every aspect of their significant other's weird/unique/nerdy/geeky individuality pertaining to what one thoroughly enjoys doing.

If you think about it, there are times when taking time for yourself while being in a committed relationship are deemed opportunities that should be never be passed up. In other words, being able to take a step back from time to time in order to all intense and purposes recharge the mental, emotional, physical, as well as spiritual batteries that tend to get drained, so to speak. When I say drained, it doesn't necessarily have a negative connotation as its more of a positive reflection in which you know taking a moment for yourself is considered to be tremendously cathartic, especially for one's own sanity. Essentially, to take time away from your best friend for life can considerably strengthen the already strong bond established between each other.

As I said before, its a truly interesting and thought provoking situation indeed concerning 2 completely different individuals who are able to have a deep understanding when it comes to embracing one another's independent side. Of course, to attain that aforementioned deep understanding there should most definitely be open communication to honestly discuss being able to avoid becoming absolutely burned out, in a manner of speaking, due to the relationship itself. Thinking about it further, by doing this there's a much stronger and not to mention deeper ongoing understanding to the point where you're able to gradually regain one's individuality back one has a tendency to possibly be lost or forgotten after in a committed relationship for quite some time.

Let me ask this question to those in a significant relationship, even though there's a shared mutual strength are you able to encourage one another's independent individuality? I think it's safe to say to have someone in your life who isn't reliant on having their wants and needs being constantly fulfilled shows he/she has a much deeper understanding of having your own space whenever it's warranted. Oftentimes, being encouraged by your best friend for life to reconnect with yourself or vice versa doesn't always mean doing it alone as it provides a reconnection with your best buds/gal pals. In any case, the shared encouragement to go through a personal self rejuvenation of sorts gives himself/herself and the relationship itself a renewed sense of a brighter future together.

In retrospect, there are times when being in a relationship has its fair share of conflict and stressful moments so much so a quintessential time out should be called. A time out in which there's an open forum of what's wrong and how it can potentially be fixed. You see, a lack of open communication will only cause even more stress related conflict. Ultimately, matters of healing the mind, body, and heart for the sake of metaphorically/literally coming back to not just yourself, but to your partner in crime is at times a vital necessity to grow closer together instead of apart in love/true love. In the end, when or if it ever gets to the point where there's a feeling of getting burned out in the relationship don't be afraid to openly talk it out to discuss with him/her of wanting to do my own thing.

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