Thursday, May 11, 2017

Me, Myself and I

Sarah L. Harvey once said, ~Love yourself without shame. Without fear of being selfish or silly. Love yourself wildly, ridiculously without a single once of restraint, Love your real, messy, gritty, raw, rapturous, divine self. Because where has hating yourself ever gotten you?~ Let me ask you this question to my fellow single peeps out there, does it really matter if you don't end up falling in love? For it's certainly a thought provoking situation indeed to ponder that particular question knowing that maybe being in a strong, worthwhile relationship is not often the case to be truly happy. Thinking about it further, living the single life while focusing on yourself in a selfishly positive rather than negative way is considered to be the best alternative as it potentially gives you a whole new perspective on life without the possibility of love/true love.

Without a doubt, any person who experienced in the past utter heartbreak has every right in wanting to be selfish in regards to their own heart in a positive way of course. Trust, faith, honesty, respect, intimacy, understanding, commitment, communication etc. are considerably important aspects of true happiness you want to regain back after it's all been taken from you, so to speak. True, it's the desire of any single person's heart who feels they are absolutely deserving of it. Yet, instead of fulfilling the desire of wanting to fall in love focus on being able to fulfill the desires of your own personal journey of self discovery. You see, it's during your time of enjoying the freedom of having crazy fun you're given the opportunity in gaining wisdom, as well as new memorable experiences to the point where there is a gradual metaphorical rebirth of sorts in a mental and emotional way.

As I said before, while enjoying the freedom of doing your own thing you're given the opportunity in gaining wisdom, as well as new memorable experiences to the point where there is a gradual metaphorical rebirth of sorts in a mental and emotional way. In other words, taking a vacation from thinking and feeling that's been long overdue concerning matters of your own heart in which it had you or is having you constantly fighting what seems like a losing battle at times of who you are as an individual. Oftentimes, a much needed mental and emotional break is in order to gradually regain your sense of self and not to mention your inner strength unfortunately drained by bad past relationships. Hey, it may take days, weeks, month, and/or years to feel fully renewed but its well worth it in the long run so much so you become much stronger in ever sense of the word.

For the question can be asked to those on their own proverbial walkabout of rediscovering yourself, has there ever come a point where you've thought to yourself it just may be better off being single? I think it's safe to say everyone including myself at some point has considered to forever live a life of being a bachelor/bachelorette. You see, there is innate selfish mindset where flying solo has its financial advantages and add to that the comforting notion of not having to deal with the stress of dating and the issues associated with it. In addition, spending time by yourself is considerably liberating as it provides you the chance to go wherever you want whenever you want to and not be questioned about it. Essentially, anyone who is single would feel very protective of not wanting to disturb a life of harmonious, blissful solitude you've grown so accustomed do.

In retrospect, when you're single there aren't any restraints to hold you back and to a certain extant you make your own rules. Of course, those aforementioned rules only make sense to you even though it may be considered weird or absolutely silly to others as it applies to what you're passionate about. Hey, it's that passion that shows the real, raw, and gritty side that's inside you waiting to reveal itself, which can be a scary albeit therapeutic experience while trying to figure yourself out. In the end, for how long your time of singledom lasts be open with and go for any adventure that comes your way as each new experience positively fuels the passion within your heart; but until the moment you find yourself wanting or should I say allowing it to slowly open it up to a certain guy/girl your only focus is to the following three people: me, myself, and I.

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