Monday, March 06, 2017


Robert Hunter once said. ~Born, born, born upon the world. The restless heart keeps flying. Trying to become the heart of home. Love, love, love it picks you up. And spins you round. Sets you right back down where you belong.~ Without a doubt, living the single life one can most definitely experience moments of feeling absolute restlessness, especially when it pertains to matters of the heart. For its a type of restlessness in which you can find yourself in a sense falling and wandering within your own thoughts, feelings, as well as emotions. Thinking about it further, while one metaphorically falls and restlessly wanders searching trying to figure out the answers to much needed questions concerning a strong, worthwhile relationship you hopefully don't end up getting lost, so to speak.

As I said before, while one restlessly wanders trying to figure out the answers to much needed questions concerning a forever best friend you hopefully don't end up getting lost, so to speak. When I say lost, I'm referring to being lost in the darkness of the maze representing one's own thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions of someone you're genuinely interested in. Hey, we've all been in or currently in a situation where we've in a way become blinded by what's going on in our heart causing us to act strange or should I say stranger than our usual self. However, as much as our internal compass is pointing/spinning every which way except out towards the possible bright light of love/true love we do our best to remain outwardly composed while stumbling around the darkened maze within ourselves.

If you think about it, it's a tough task to undertake indeed to remain outwardly composed when everything inside you is out of whack, in a manner of speaking, regarding a girl/guy who knocks you off your heart in every sense of the word. Oftentimes, there is an innate mixture of impatience, anxiousness, worry, doubt, etc. in which its seemingly a representation of a straight jacket being wrapped around your heart that's unable to keep still. An unstill heart struggling/wanting so much to truly experience the freedom of true happiness it pushes a person to the brink of insanity. Unfortunately, for a number of people their unstill heart continues to in all intense and purposes be wrapped in the aforementioned straight jacket mentioned above to where a gradual loss of sanity is happening or has happened.

Let me ask you this question to those who are experiencing or have experienced restlessness in their own heart, how have you been able to cope thus far? For some people they deal with the oftentimes unexplainable and utterly confusing internal insanity by crying whereas others like myself have found writing down my thoughts in my own unique way a very therapeutic alternative. Personally speaking, once I've alleviated what's been weighing in my own heart and mind that particular page is inevitably turned in the mental book otherwise known as the inner sanctum, which never really closes or forgets that matter. What it primarily comes down to for me is continuing to ask the questions in hopes of one day meeting or maybe have already met the answer I've been writing about for years.

In retrospect, it can be quite difficult at times to live the single life with a restlessness heart that is unable to be still. Yet, it's manageable by not completely focusing on the negative aspects of what is seriously lacking and that is a strong, worthwhile relationship. Granted, it's a considerably thought provoking and intriguing situation to wonder/think about a guy/girl you potentially haven't met yet even though there is an unmistakable feeling you know he/she is out there who has the power to somehow calm one's own restless heart. In the end, when you focus more on the great things of the single life your heart feels a little less restless knowing full well it's an everyday struggle to try to find/keep a positive mindset each day, which is a song by 7 time Grammy Award Winner and former Genesis member Phil Collins.

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