Friday, February 24, 2017

Assembly Required

Someone once said, ~Life is like a box of Legos with a picture of what it's supposed to look like but no assembly instructions.~ If you think about it, life can most definitely be compared to a box of Legos in the sense that you're given the opportunity to create and build something completely from scratch. For it's a thought provoking situation indeed as each one of us are in all intense and purposes provided with the essential building blocks in order to connect them together whereby making something that resembles or at least closely resembles what we've imagined for ourselves. You see, unlike an instructional manual that comes with the package there isn't one that doesn't necessarily come with life itself whereby giving step by step instructions for a finished product that is not only being constantly rebuilt, but changes continually over time.

Let me ask you this question concerning life's comparison to a box of Legos, are they all the same pieces or does it consist of a wide variety of different ones? It would considered to be a fair assessment to say Legos come in a wide variety of different pieces in size, shape, and not to mention form as well. Thinking about it further, the friendships we've built up over time, in a manner of speaking, with people who first started out as unpackaged complete strangers are now considered to be valuable, as well as priceless friends who come in a wide variety of different sizes, shapes, colors, forms, ethnicities, etc. True, even though they may not all fit/connect with each other they perfectly fit/connect in an imperfect way to certain aspects/areas of our own lives that hopefully holds strong and doesn't fall apart for years to comes.

As I said before, unlike an instructional manual that comes with the package there isn't one that doesn't necessarily come with life itself whereby giving step by step instructions for a finished product that is not only constantly changing, but rebuilt continually over time. Thinking about it further, one's own professional career can certainly go through constant changes and rebuilding in regards to completely starting over for a fresh new start. In the other words, starting a career path of your choice or a new business venture of your own where you're your own boss. What it primarily comes down to is making the difficult and/or scary decision of going back to square one disassembling, so to speak, the job you had to start from scratch whereby figuring out a way to reassembling a career you want that is most satisfying in your eyes.

Without a doubt, a box of Legos and love/true love are synonymous with each other in such a way that you have to have the right pieces in order to create something that you're absolutely proud of. Of course, some vital/important pieces can go unfortunately missing or broken over time causing what you want to not be fully complete. Oftentimes, when it comes to matters of the heart vital/important pieces such as trust, faith, hope, honesty, respect, intimacy, understanding, compassion, contentment, commitment, communication, etc. can come up either missing and/or broken leading one's own heart to be incomplete. However, when you meet someone who has all the vitally important pieces that were broken or have gone missing in your own heart because of bad past relationships you'll be able to build a strong, worthwhile connection you both can look proudly on together.

In retrospect, the picture on the Lego box of life actually takes hard work to build what you professionally and personally want. You see, it may look easy enough with the essential pieces placed in front of us knowing full well it will take time, patience, and tremendous amount of creativity on our part. Hey, when unexpected changes happen in life you have to have a creative mindset while building certain aspects of our own life. Granted, what each one of us are trying to build for ourselves tends to not turn out what we have going in our head even though we can see it clear as day. Yet, we make the best of what we've got with the pieces we're provided with even though they may not be all flashy or even considered to be cool for that matter. In the end, there are two words that we have a tendency to ignore in the Lego box of life and it's usually written in tiny letters: assembly required.

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