Saturday, July 18, 2015

Say Something

Someone once said, ~Holding back your feelings stops you from getting hurt, but it also hold you back from true happiness.~ Without a doubt, holding back your feelings for a certain guy/girl of interest can most definitely be a tortuous existence indeed. Thinking about it further, whether you're living the single life like myself or in a potentially worthwhile relationship being able to openly and not to mention honestly share how one feels for someone give you the opportunity to free yourself from all that's mentally, as well as emotionally weighing you down. However, by not revealing how you truly feel you're tightly wrapping yourself, in a manner of speaking, within a perpetual straight jack that it will lead or may already led you to the brink of insanity.

If you think about it, there comes a point within a potential and/or significant relationship where a person stops waiting for him/him to share one's feelings that the decision to simply give up is the only alternative. Women, more often than not, experience this with guys who want them express their emotions. In any case, it can certainly be mentally, emotionally, and personally draining to want to have someone not only feel comfortable, but feel safe enough as well surrounded by the proverbial 4 walls of a strong, worthwhile relationship. In other words, a couple's own fortress of solitude where anything and everything is shared between each other without any doubts and/or fears of ridicule, rejection, or whatsoever the case may be. Hey, I think its safe to say every individual living the single life like myself yearns and hopes to have that type of relationship someday.

As I said before, by not revealing how you truly feel you're tightly wrapping yourself, in a manner of speaking, within a perpetual straight jack that it will lead or may already led you to the brink of insanity. In a sense, you along with that special someone of interest can go completely insane because the fact of the matter is both of you can seemingly feel as if you're in a constant tug of war involving thoughts, feelings, and emotions to where you/him/her/or both of you to just give up entirely. Essentially it can very well lead the two of you feeling small, insignificant, and/or unimportant to not want to open up knowing full well the inward struggle of saying or should I say announcing what's been bottled up in your/their heart/mind, which is a considerably tremendous burden to put on one's self through.

Let me ask you this question to you ladies who have experienced in the past or are currently experiencing an awesome relationship with a guy, has it been easy or hard to get him to open up and sharing what he's been feeling/thinking about you? True, as guys we have been conditioned to in all intense and purposes be emotionally constipated because it shows signs of weakness allowing ourselves to feel because that's how the male species isn't supposed to be. However, our feelings, thoughts, and emotions get all thrown out of whack when a women enters our lives causing us to metaphorically hit DEFCON 1. Let me tell you something ladies, if a guy believes you're absolutely worthwhile he'll swallow his pride to where he opens up to you sharing what's in his heart/mind and even though it may not be right away just have patience.

In retrospect, I've said in the past that when it comes to love/true love don't have any regrets, especially when it concerns having feelings for someone. Personally speaking, I've had my fair share of regret and then are the times I've shared my feelings only to face rejection. Granted, I am that type of person who struggles with being able to share my feelings with a woman I'm interested in because it's who I am. How do I deal with it you might be asking? To answer your question, you've basically been reading all my thoughts, feelings, and emotions for the past 19 years via my Yodaisms. Of course, not all of it relates to my own life so be reassured I'm fine living the single life thus far. In the end, when/if I finally do meet my forever best friend one day and my smile never leaves my face because I had the courage to say something, which is a song by Grammy Winners of The Best Pop Duo/Group Performance of 2015 A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera.

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