Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Final Curtain

William Shakespeare once said, ~For what is wedlock forced but a hell, An age of discord of continual strife? Whereas the contrary bringeth bliss, And is a pattern of celestial peace.~ If you think about it, there is something remarkably Shakespearean when there is inner turmoil that is expressed outwardly turned to absolute tragedy. For it can most definitely be a mix of Macbeth, King Lear, Henry the V, as well as the complete opposite of Romeo and Juliet. It's a tragic situation indeed when a relationship falters to the point where it becomes a war of words in an attempt to verbally tear each other apart. Essentially, its words that are spoken with the sharp dagger of his/her tongue laced with poisonous venom that pierces one another's heart intent to have it die a slow, painful death.

Without a doubt, a once loving couple that are now at constant odds with each other will spew out words of pure spite and resentment. You see, its those two scorned former lovers who truly can't stand the mere presence of one another and are unable to bite their tongue so as to avoid lashing out in anger. Thinking about it further, past unresolved issues that haven't been washed off from either person's hands, so to speak, are brought up erupting in a verbal duel that descend into utter chaotic madness pushed to absolute insanity. The foolish immaturity of two adults acting like children exchanging words of hatred, contempt, bitterness, ill will, etc. all within the possible earshot and/or full witness to an audience who awkwardly stand there listening/watching.

As I said before, the audience can certainly be caught up in the middle of two people waging a seemingly repetitive war pertaining to past issues that continually fester within both hearts. I think its safe to say we as an audience have found ourselves becoming unfortunately entangled in the dark drama of it all so much so you wanted to personally intervene. Why? What it primarily comes down to is silence the insanity that keeps those from experiencing a relaxing, comfortable slumber. However, there is an ere of caution that must be met because if one plots to place himself/herself in matters that don't concern him/her deep wounds may be suffered by the sharp dagger of words thrust down/at thee intent on making an example of those wanting to/thinking about meddling in their affairs.

Let me ask you this question to those who know someone or quite possibly are someone in a broken relationship but can't quite seem to completely break ties, what's stopping you from walking away? In other words, why keep coming back for the quintessential encore performances, in a manner of speaking, knowing full well it's not going to get any better. Ultimately, its a war between the mind and heart with the emotional, mental, physical, and at times spiritual violence happening within, especially for women. True, it can oftentimes be an all out onslaught battling what you think you have is special to what you knowingly deserve for yourself whereby making it special. Alas, some females aren't so lucky as they stand over the grave(s)as a ghost of their former selves eternally chained to a tortuous relationship yearning to be free.

In retrospect, the savagery that is a broken relationship is a considerably tragic tale that is all too common and not mention familiar for a certain number of people. Granted, there is a moment of tranquil peace leading to a truce on both sides but it's only a temporary calm that eventually brings forth the fierce storm that cuts deep. Hey, not all relationships can be saved as they're so severely broken that no amount of talking, making promises, or begging on one's knees will be the solution. The delayed death of what should have been buried long ago allowing the painful restlessness to no longer linger leaves past scars to permanently heal. In the end, there comes a point where two people must realize the final curtain should be dropped on the relationship or either of you won't ever be happy.

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