Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Made To Be Broken

Ogden Nash once said, ~You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.~ If you think about it, getting older doesn't necessarily mean becoming or quite possibly staying a mature adult. For it's most definitely an interesting situation indeed to find yourself at a stage in one's life where you're expected to eventually outgrow the juvenile antics of your youth, especially if you're a guy. However, it doesn't turn out that way as he/she continues to have that never grow up mentality. In any case, the older each of us get we tend to forget or should I say lose our mischievous and rebellious nature that is our own inner child because of that not so fun word called responsibility. Fortunately, immaturity isn't lost on those who still think of themselves as young at heart.

As I said before, getting older doesn't necessarily mean becoming or quite possibly staying a mature adult. True, we've been given responsibilities that need to be taken care of such as going to work to earn a paycheck but there are times we can ignore it in order to simply have fun. In any case, earning a paycheck and having fun can coincide with each other otherwise known as the office prank. The clever and hopefully harmless prank against one's office mates can certainly alleviate/break up much of the boredom on a seemingly long day. You see, whether it's on spur of the moment or a well planned out taking days, weeks, or even months you take absolute pleasure in the sheer amusement of either hear and/or watching your handiwork become a complete success.

Without a doubt, getting older in the context of being a senior citizen does have it's advantages as you're able to get away with a lot more things. Hey, even though age has caught up with them, so to speak, they're very youthful inside and as it has been said many times before "what keeps you young." Of course, you can't help but laugh and smile knowing the elderly basically are having fun to the point of possibly turning heads for their own amusement due to their juvenile mischief meant for the young. Skydiving, rapping, or whatever the case may be. What it primarily comes down to not letting the trivial things in life bring them down, which is considered a fairly well known trade secret inevitably learned later on down the road.

Let me ask you this question, do you think immaturity and love are absolutely synonymous with each other even in the latter part of life. I think so. Oftentimes, the beginning stages of a budding relationship cause two seemingly normal, mature, level headed adults turn into giddy school kids. Thinking about it further, a perfect example would be senior citizens or one's own grandparents who act like struck teenagers around each other so much so you tend to be embarrassed/shocked by their public displays of affection. Granted, embarrassment and shock are experienced but the fact of the matter is you so want it to be you someday with that certain special someone regarding true happiness. In other words, a guy/girl you just want to grow old and immature with.

In retrospect, every person has the right to have that type of Pee Wee Herman mentality when it comes to breaking away from being a mature adult. I think we all know someone or in fact are that someone who will always be considered immature despite becoming a relatively responsible human being. For a certain number of people it's an absolute requirement as it involves a particular profession and the people he/she serves. Ultimately, each of us maybe grown ups on the outside with our set of responsibilities and rules but on the inside it's a whole different story. In the end, it's certain things in life that give us the opportunity to let loose our inner child run causing it to ramped because as it has been said before about the rules of getting older...they can be made to be broken.

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