Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Want It That Way

Someone once said, ~Love who your heart wants, not what your eyes want. Don't worry what others say or think. This love is yours, not theirs.~ If you think about it, it's not so much who your heart wants but rather what your hearts wants when it comes to absolute true happiness. For it can most definitely be a heartwarming and not to mention comforting situation indeed when you know with 100% surety the type of relationship you want based on the inward qualities of a potential significant other instead of the outer. Essentially, the qualities of that type of relationship you truly want may not necessarily match with what those who are into the superficial standards whereby a temporary desire is unfortunately experienced and not a permanent, worthwhile bond. A bond that is genuinely honest and real so much so it's considered to be a rarity to have these days.

Without a doubt, we all want the same thing regarding matters of the heart and even though the circumstances may be inherently different we're all universally connected when it pertains to love/true love. True, one be perceived as envious, jealous, and little bit selfish in wanted what what handful of people lucky enough to have. To be perfectly honest, you have every right to feel that way because of experiencing firsthand the heartache, as well as frustration of a guy/girl's selfishness and disregard of providing only for himself/herself, which is sadly an unwanted character trait. In any case, being a giver and not a take is tremendous quality to have and for many women it's one of the main attributes they've been wanting in a man who although seems like a mere fantasy, he's real existing somewhere in the world.

As I said before, the qualities/traits you truly wanted may not necessarily match with what those who are into the superficial standards whereby a temporary desire is unfortunately experienced and not a permanent, worthwhile bond. Thinking about it further, superficial individuals tend to find it humorous that people like myself are wanting a relationship with more substance with a deep rooted connection built on trust, faith in God, respect, honor, loyalty, intimacy, understanding, commitment, etc. Of course, you have to find the humor in their humor because its these individuals who are continually establishing empty, meaningless relationship with no future whatsoever. Let me tell you something, stay true to everything you want that's pure, genuine and real within your heart and don't allow yourself to doubt/second guess/compromise your personal decision by others because it will all be worth it for you someday.

Let me ask you this question to the single people out there, when involves your own heart what do you want? Granted, it's a seemingly simple question and yet it can oftentimes leave a person searching for a meaningful, well thought out answer as it relates to a rewarding future. Personally speaking, as a singly guy I want first and foremost a relationship where we both have a servant's heart for God. You see, it's through Him that I will eventually have everything I ever wanted when I do fall in love. Hey, the rest will inevitably fall into place as she hopefully is a fan of Star Wars, enjoys insane activities such as skydiving, will accept me for being a die hard pro wrestling fan, etc. In other words, I would like to meet a woman who is just as dorky/weird/insane/nerdy/geeky as I am and if it just so happens she is absolutely beautiful well then that's a plus in my book.

In retrospect, love metaphorically sees every want within the human heart and not with one's eyes. Fortunately, fulfilling all you've ever possibly wanted can come to fruition as it takes massive amounts of patience and trusting in God's plan through prayer. A perfect example is couples who have been married for more than 40/50/60 years and are still going strong. In a sense, they have what those of us who are living single life dream of wanting/having. I think it's safe to say each one of us has witnessed moments where a surprise kiss on the cheek by the elderly husband totally lights up the face on his elderly wife. Truth be told, you can't help but smile knowing the fire between them after so many years will never die out. In the end, it's the longevity of a elderly married couple who have set the proverbial benchmark for how a relationship should be to the point where it causes you to think to yourself or say out loud I want it that way.

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