Friday, March 08, 2013

Hold Your Breath

Someone once said, ~Love is like a bomb. It's a very powerful force which is fragile enough to make you...or break you. It has the power to hang one's happiness and anger on a very uneven scale. It's too bad happiness is the lightest of the two.~ In some aspect, love is like a bomb as it has the capacity to have you in a way become an explosives disposal expert of sorts so much so your life will never be same, which is a good thing. In any case, it's a truly risky and not to mention heart stopping situation indeed when you encounter a guy/girl who one's genuinely interested in. Why? Essentially, you want to in all intensive purposes carefully cut/disarm the seemingly deadly wires in a positive way in order to potentially leave not only your heart completely blown away, so to speak, but theirs as well.

If you think about it, one should most definitely ere on the side of caution when it comes to defusing the live wire known as the human heart, especially in regards to women. You see, the female species tends to not just have 1 main trigger to disarm/cut but countless triggers unbeknownst to the guy in question who thinks he has it all figured out. Thinking about it further, the triggers themselves are considerably more complicated to handle as they're considered to be emotional and quite certainly mental as well. In other words, being able to disarm/cut the right wires regarding matters of the heart is easier said than done because there are so many unknown variables men don't see coming to where they ending finding themselves experiencing more than just getting blasted into oblivion.

As I mentioned before, the female species tends to not just have one main trigger to cut/disarm but countless triggers within the bomb that is their own heart. True, the wires in a woman's heart don't just represent their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. For they are also a representation of key aspects concerning a relationship such as honesty, respect, faith, hope, trust, understanding, security, contentment, intimacy, compassion, communication, etc. What it primarily comes down to is having considerable amount of time, effort, patience, and a really steady hand, in a manner of speaking, to individually cut/disarm each one knowing full well one wrong move could spell absolute doom.

Let me ask this question to those who are in the dating scene, have you ever been in a situation where you knew the wires in your heart weren't cut/disarmed properly prompting you to personally watch the guy/girl's efforts to blow up in their face? I think it's safe to say we know someone or in fact are that someone who knew immediately the date wasn't going to go well because of something he/she said or did causing you to seek shelter within yourself to avoid the unfortunate blast radius created by the sheer stupidity of the guy/girl. Without a doubt, every person wants to meet/date/fall in love/marry someone who they want to find themselves seeing an immediate countdown ticking up towards a worthwhile future rather than down whereby a potentially worthwhile relationship is inevitably established.

In retrospect, love or true love for that matter is a tricky explosive to figure out. Granted, there are number of people who are fortunate enough to not be blown to smithereens as they were able to find/properly handle the right wires in a now significant other's heart. Hey, it can oftentimes be purely out of dumb luck that a once scary ordeal in the beginning has ultimately become a excellent memory to reflect back on together. Of course, whether or not your eyes your are closed when you cut/disarm the wire in which you finally laid it out all on the line involving him or her makes one's experience that much more intense. In the end, you sometimes just have to say a prayer, hold your breath, and then simply go for it hoping for the explosion of true happiness instead of utter heartbreak.

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