Monday, February 04, 2013

Ripple Effect

Someone once said, ~If you cast a small pebble on to the surface of a glassy, calm pond, ripples form and move outwards across the water. Each ripple causes another and another and so on. A very small act can make a significant difference. Make a ripple-Make a difference.~ If you think about it, you never truly know the effect you have on someone until you hear about or speak with for that matter with him/her sharing not only how much of an encouragement one is, but a positive influence as well. For it can most definitely be considered a humbling situation indeed as he/she is thankful for being a major influence in regards to their personal and/or professional lives even though you may think you're playing a minor part in it.

Without a doubt, a small act certainly does make a seemingly tremendous impact like a stone hitting the surface of the water. You see, unbeknownst to the individual doing the smallest of good deeds whatever it may be, the man/woman/young person is absolutely appreciative to the point where it touches the bottom of their heart, leaves a smile on his/her face, brings tears to one's eyes, etc. Paying for another customers meal/coffee, leaving bags of groceries for a person/family indeed on their doorstep, helping/volunteering to help in any way involving a fallen community when disaster strikes, etc. are acts of kind done because you want to instead of needing to in order to get recognition, which is a totally wrong mindset to go by.

Oftentimes, simple acts are done without even thinking about it to where it inevitably turns into a pay it forward moment. As said before, just like a stone tossed into the still water ripples form and move outwards essentially effecting it's surroundings. Thinking about it further, doing something such as helping someone across the street, picking up trash of the ground, opening the door for a complete stranger or whatever the case may be all in front of viewing public can very well be influential to others to do so too. Of course, it may not bring those around you to jump in immediately into action but you've basically led by example as the mental seeds, in a manner of speaking, have been planted in their minds of what they've witnessed whereby giving them the opportunity to act in the near future.

Personally speaking, working with kids I have had the opportunity to metaphorically cast so many stone into their so called watery lives and possibly have made positive ripples. Granted, for the past 12+ years and counting, I've been fortunate enough to meet/talk with/get to know/become friends with countless kids who have grown up before my very eyes. Yet the question remains, have any of these kids have become better kids turned adults because I significantly impacted their lives in some way, share or form. My honest answer is I don't know because whose to say if I did or didn't. What it primarily comes down to is the answers can only come from my former kids who I taught giving words of advice and wisdom. Hey, if I played a small part in them spreading what they learned from me then I'm humbled and honored.

In retrospect, doing a good deed whether we know it or not brings you a sense of fulfillment. True, we live in a cynical and not to mention dangerous world but every once in a while we tend to hear about or witness for ourselves the side of humanity that tends to be rarely seen these days. Unfortunately, It's a sad state of affairs when newspapers and news stations focus solely on the bad with the selfishness, violence, war, death, etc. leaving you doubtful as to the future of America. However, there is hope and it all begins with just one person doing something that may seem insignificant that it becomes absolutely significant so much so it touches someone else. In the end, I challenge you to throw a metaphorical stone to someone you know or a complete stranger causing a ripple effect and see the positive results that hopefully occur.

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