Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Highly Illogical

Someone once said, ~A love that defies all logic is something the most logical thing in the world.~ Love vs. logic. Essentially, the two have battled each other, so to speak, since the dawn of time. For it's the actions done and words said pertaining to matters of the heart in regards to a potential and/or significant relationship cause us to lose our sense of reasoning. It's an absolutely bewildering situation indeed for guys, as well as girls who oftentimes lose there minds because their heart and mind are metaphorically locked in a war with each other when it comes to the possibility of true happiness. True, decisions are going to be/have been made where there is a conflict involving one's heart and mind but you hopefully have truly valid reasons as why the relationship works between the two of you.

If you think about it, love or true love for that matter does in fact defy all logic because quite frankly it doesn't make any sense whatsoever the things we door say in pursuit of it. As said before, the actions done and words said pertaining to matters of the heart for potential and/or significant relationships can very well cause us to lose our sense of reasoning. Thinking about it further, its oftentimes unexplainable as to why we make complete fools of ourselves concerning someone we're in or not even in a relationship with. Granted, in your head you keep telling yourself to keep it together but that particular logic is thrown out the window, in a manner of speaking, when you're in and/or around their presence. Hey, it can most definitely push any fairly normal person with their head on straight to the brink of insanity.

Without a doubt, love/true love can certainly be considered blinding, especially if you know someone or are that someone who is a considerably toxic relationship. Women, more often that note, have this delusional sense of logic in which there is this belief they can change the man they love who is the quintessential bad boy. The same man who doesn't have any respect for her to the point where she not only makes excuses for his attitude/behavior, but her self esteem gradually degrades the longer she's with him. Unfortunately, it's a sad state of affairs when a woman becomes highly illogical and has this skewed view of what love is in the form of a guy who she believes makes her happy. However, in reality there is tremendous amount of emotional turmoil behind the smile given.

Let me ask this question to those who were in an utterly bad past relationship, how many of you refused to hear the logic of those around you who clearly warned you about the guy/girl in question until it was too late? Of course, all the warning signs were there plain as day but your happiness for a better future superseded the stone cold facts that would turn your dream come true into a harsh, nightmarish reality? There is a saying that goes, relationships come and go but your gal pals/best buds will always be there no matter what. In other words, the bonds of friendship may take a hit from time to time because he or she didn't want to listen because their logical mind was completely closed off to what was believed to be the unreasonable truth whereas their heart was fully open for reasonable love.

Valentine's Day is almost upon once again giving way to seemingly reasonable, as well as expensive logic for corporate commercialism aimed at men to bring joy and happiness to the woman they love happy. As a single guy, the sarcastic cynic in me would rather not be in a relationship because in my view their logic is utterly flawed and totally unreasonable. Yet, if I were ever in a relationship the part of me that is the romantic wherever it is would totally get the logical reasoning behind it. In the end, love makes sense to those are genuinely experiencing it whereas for others trying to make sense of it all it can cause each one of us to channel our inner Spock from the original Star Trek series uttering 2 words...highly illogical.

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