Sunday, July 02, 2006

Out Of This World

Josh Brand once said, ~Gravity. It keeps you rooted to the ground. In space, there's not any gravity. You just kind of leave your feet and go floating around. Is that what being in love is like?~ In my own thinking, love is like a rocket ship/space shuttle that blasts you up to the final frontier where the vastness of space allows you to do miraculous things, which you normally counldn't do in the confines of Earth's atmosphere. Without a doubt, love can bring you to new heights within your heart that you haven't quiet yet seen to the point you're amazed at what you see. Let me ask you this question, when it comes to love are you prepared for the ride that you're heart is going to take?

If you think about it, when it comes to love and your heart there can be a metaphorical countdown as to when one's time of liftoff with someone special will come. For it can be either a short or long wait depending on whether or not certain things will call for delays such as fear. Its just a matter of patience as you want so badly to have that clock countdown to zero in order to be at a place where its just you and that person circling Earth forever. In any case, there is a friend of mine who I've been in contact with that is personally on his countdown to potentially establishing a new relationship amongst the starts to which I say to him good look and safe travel.

Oftentimes, a person can feel like an outcast as those around him or her seem to be launching into new relationships. In a sense, its like their looking down from the inside-out of their own heart to those on the ground whereas you are looking up from the outside-in waving back. It can truly be a lonely feeling as if your the only person left behind, in a manner of speaking, as friends and acquaintances experience something that is considered to be a thrill of a lifetime. A thrill of a lifetime that you would gladly experience over and over again just with that one person who finally gives you the opportunity to like inside-out from within your heart.

For the question can be asked, is there someone in your life who gives you that feeling like you are rocketing towards the stars above? Its a feeling that you don't want to lose because, for the most part, it frees you from pain, heartache, tears, and the fears you have that can most certainly weigh you down to the point you fall to the ground. For its that freedom within your heart and soul to not be afraid of how you feel about that certain someone who you would travel to infinite and beyond for. Let me tell you something, how often does this feeling come along to where you look down from the heavens above and be given a totally new pespective that just takes your breath away.

In retrospect, true love gives you a chance to experience weightlessness that can make you flip and spin. It can make you so excited that the anticipation of it all can make you absolutely sick in the stomach. It can metaphorically take you around the world and places in the universe, as well as in the stars, that have never been charted. For some, most or all people are experiencing this right now and they're loving every minute of it. Unfortunately, for a person like myself my feet are still planted on the ground and I don't yet have a reason to travel into space, so to speak. In the end, when I do finally have that reason to boldy go whether others before me have gone then it will be something truly out of this world.

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