Sunday, July 09, 2006

Never Forget

Fred Savage's character Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years once said, ~In your life you meet many people. Some you never think about again. Some you wonder what happened to them. There are some you wonder if they think about you, and there are some that you wish you never had to think about again...but you do.~ If you think about it, throughout our own lifetime we meet so many people that its sometimes imopssible to remember the names that go with the faces. Yet, its those certain people that tend to stick in our minds whether its on a concious or subconcious level. Let me ask you this question, is/has there been someone you've been thinking about who you haven't seen in quite along time?

Where are they now? That is a question that tends to pop up as you look through old pictures, as well as, yearbooks back in the day. For its your former classmates that you find yourself asking the following questions concerning certain people. Questions such as: Is he/she single? Is he/she married? Does he/she have any kids? If so, how many? Is he/she still the same person that you knew him/her as or has he/she changed? Essentially, its these questions and more that lay dormant in your mind until you bump into him/her/them years later or stumble upon him/her/them in a popular website such as Myspace, which can be a nice surprise indeed.

In any case, you can sometimes wonder if there are certain people from your past that ever think about you. Depending on whether or not you're a person that made a positive impression on people it would be safe to say you would be an unforgettable person. Though egotistical as it may sound, you would be considered flattered that there is someone out there from your past who not only remembers your face but also remembers your name as well. It can be especially touching if that particular guy or girl whose been thinking of you was a person you had a close, special relationship with or was at one time in a significant relationship with that ended on good terms.

Speaking of relationships. there are certain ones that you most definitely don't want to look back on when it concerns an ex. The arguments, jealousy, mistrust, being overbearing, domineering, lack of showing appreciation, etc, whatever the case may be are aspects of the relationship that you don't want to every think about and if you do they bring you to tears. Without a doubt, there have been many women, as well as men, who have cried themselves to sleep because of someone totally did them wrong. For the question can be asked, can you think of a past ex that just the mere thought or mention of that person's name sends chills up and down your a bad way of course.

In retrospect, we all will continue meeting people in the present who will be part of our past, to where they possibly may be part of our future. Unfortuantely, you have to take the bad with the good as there are those who will not have our best intentions in mind when it comes to friendship or love and you inevitbaly leave their memory in the past where it belongs. However, every once and awhile you meet someone that just brings joy to your life and you continue to smile, as well as, laugh when you think about him or her. In the end, even though your mind may forget the names and faces of people from your past who are considered special and/or important, its you're heart that keeps on remembering to where it will truly never forget.

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