Thursday, May 11, 2006

You'll Be In My Heart

Someone once said, ~If I could be given a chance to decide my destiny, I would choose your heart because that's where I want to spend the rest of my life.~ If you think about it, we're all given chances to fulfill a destiny within our own heart when it comes to the matter of true love. A destiny that can be instantly changed as you meet that special someone who gives one reason to follow his of her heart. Essentially, its a person who even though you may or may not know the identity of, you have that innate feeling of his or her presence within your heart and soul. Let me ask you this question, do you believe true love can change the course of one's own destiny?

Without a doubt, true love changes the course of one's own destiny by the choices each of us make to follow what one's heart is saying/telling you. We've all been or are now in that proverbial crossroads whin our heart to either walk away or walk towards someone that only makes you smile but you also have fun being around him or her. In some universal sense, its as if you and that particular person were destined to meet but they're have been circumstances that have prevented it from ever coming to fruition. Circumstances such as he or she is currently in a relationship or is hesitant to be in a relationship because of what happened to that person in the past. which can put your heart in true love limbo.

Oftentimes, its difficult to know what the future holds with someone who you truly see growing old with. We've all been in a situation, past or present, where the things you said or did presumeably put you on a path towards that particular person's heart but instead left you lost not knowing what to do or where to go next. Essentially the future can be ever changing as one look, one word, one touch can completely change the direction of where your heart is going. For the question can be asked, are you in a position where life is giving you an all or nothing chance to go with how you feel about someone and it simply takes is one step that will hopefully change the rest of your life.

In any case, we've all heard the expression you're destined for greatness when it pertains to one's professional life as success(fame and/or fortune) are metaphorically written in the stars for you, so to speak. When it comes to your own heart, it deserves happiness with someone who, in a way, makes you feel forever rich and no amount of money can ever buy what two people share together that is deemed special. Its when you share something that is considered to be the most valualable commodity that can't be bought or sold, you and that person will truly have success in the relationship regardless of fame and/or fortune. Think about this, good things happen to you all the time, but great things happen to you all at once if you are truly deserving of it.

Someone said, ~As we make our journey through life, sometimes fears get in our way and detour us down a different path. I say walk into the face of fear with eyes wide open. Remember you only live once, and it's ok to be afraid, just dont let fear change your "Destiny". Some of us feel we need to walk alone, others dont. Which one are you?~ In retrospect each of us hold our very own destiny within the palm of our hand. That destiny comes in the form of true love, which is lying in wait for you to reach for it and holding it tightly. In the end, its through destiny that we meet people, but its from our own heart that it will ultimately say to one person now and forever you'll be in my heart, which is a song by Phil Collins that reflects this thought.

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